Archbishop Mark Coleridge shares some thoughts on the New Roman Missal

Archbishop of Canberra and Goulburn Mark Coleridge was involved in the process of translation, and he shares, in this short video, a little of the experience of that process. Please click the thumbnail below to view the video.

One thought on “Archbishop Mark Coleridge shares some thoughts on the New Roman Missal

  1. mark alba escobar

    I thanks Arch Mark Coleridge for his personal thoughts and insights on the new translation of the Roman Missal. It’s not a perfect translation nor the process involved. But its idiom or style of language reflected is more elevated and much closer to the original Latin text. It’s a welcome change in our liturgical journey especially in our identity as a Church that constantly gropes for being evangelizers and people of faith. As he said, it aims to generates new energy for the mission as we allow ourselves more deeply on the Apostolic Tradition that has been passed to us through generations. The liturgical renewal of the Council focuses on ‘mission’ which has a broad spectrum in our calling — as members of the Body of Christ (Church). Thanks so much Arch Coleridge for that beautiful explanation you shared with us.

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