Bishops’ Council releases kit for celebration of St Valentine’s Day

Media Release
9 February, 2012

To download the Valentine’s Day Kit 2012, click here!St Valentine Resource 2012

In 2010, the Bishops’ Commission for Pastoral Life through the Australian Catholic Marriage and Family Council developed a kit devoted to the celebration of St Valentine’s Day for use in parishes.

The third edition of the St Valentine’s Day kit for 2012 is now available for download as a PDF from the Bishops’ Conference website by clicking on the button on the front page.

Co-Chairs and long-time members of the Australian Catholic Marriage and Family Council Ron and Mavis Pirola say that the purpose of the St Valentine’s Day kit is to reaffirm the importance of the vocation of Christian marriage.

“The ‘re-Christianisation’ of what has become a secular feast is a major aspect of what we are trying to do. It’s wonderful that couples can celebrate their love on this day, and we actually want to create some awareness of the fact that St Valentine was a real saint.”

“St Valentine was a Priest and Martyr of the early Church, so this feast has a religious history, a history which sees the importance of sacramental married love in society”, they said.

“In a world of widespread desecration of sexuality and marriage, the relatable love of married couples is a powerful sign of hope for others”, reads the kit.

“In the Catholic tradition, some of the most powerful signs of God’s presence are the sacraments. The sacrament of marriage has a vital role in revealing the passionate love that Christ has for his bride, the Church. The steadfast love between a husband and a wife witnesses to the reality that Christ loves, forgives, heals and transforms his beloved “St Valentine” people”, it reads.

Bishop Terry Brady, Bishops’ Delegate for the Australian Catholic Marriage and Family Council says that he is delighted to announce the continuing commitment of the bishops to promoting the sacrament of marriage.

“Love is a feeling to be learned. It is tension and fulfilment, it is deep longing and hostility, it is gladness and it is pain, there is not one without the other. This kit aims to look at some of those things and to give couples hope, and encourages them to invite God into their relationships.”

Copies of the St Valentine’s Day kit are available at on the front page. For media enquiries, or to organise an interview on this subject, please contact Beth Doherty on 0407 081 256 or