Communicating the Word 2012 – Bishop David Walker

Bishop David Walker has been chief pastor to the people of the Diocese of Broken Bay for the past 15 years. His deep love and interest in spirituality forms the backbone to his commitment to promote a truly Australian spirituality, and the fostering of theological and spiritual education. Bishop David’s ongoing support for furthering serious theological study and adult faith formation to the wider Catholic community has led to the development and founding of the Catholic Correspondence Centre, The Centre for Christian Spirituality and The Broken Bay Institute. He is a prominent speaker and has published extensively on faith renewal, spirituality, mysticism, formation of clergy and Church leadership. As a member of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference Commission for Mission and Faith Formation, he has undertaken evangelisation of the Scriptures. His promotion of lectio divina through new media has taken the Word of God in to the hearts and homes of people throughout Australia and the world.