Communicating the Word 2012 – Monsignor Paul Tighe

Monsignor Paul Tighe one of the Vatican’s most senior media advisors, is Secretary to the Pontifical Council for Social Communications. Irish-born, Monsignor Tighe worked as the Director of Communications in the Archdiocese of Dublin prior to this Vatican role, where he focusses on developing new media strategies and also with liaising between the Vatican and the international media. His work for the Council is right on the cutting edge of the social media revolution which is changing the way the world — and the Church — communicates. ‘Communication of the Gospel must be at heart of the ministry of a priest and I am pleased to be asked to work in the Council that has a mandate to harness the potential of the media – new and old – as a means of evangelisation,’ Monsignor Paul says. ‘I am equally pleased to be speaking on this vital area in the mission of the Church at the ACMC in Sydney”