LEAVE the chocolates in the aisle, your friends eat too much anyway.

LEAVE the wine on the shelf, your Dad doesn’t need another drop.

LEAVE the handcreams where they are, your Mum doesn’t really doesn’t like them.

AND don’t even think about toys. There’s just no more room for them.
So take a deep breath. For Christmas why not buy your kin something useful? Something really useful.

Aid and development agency, Caritas Australia, has launched its 2011 Global Gifts campaign _ a one-stop shop for anyone who thinks beyond their own wants.

For between $10 and $200 you can ensure:

• A community enjoys clean water – $10
• A hungry person is fed well for months – $20
• A HIV/AIDS patient gets life-saving medicine – $25
• A farming family can grow strong crops -$35
• A victim of trauma is counselled – $50
• A community can have a sustainable future – $65
• A pregnant Mum has a healthy childbirth – $75
• An illiterate person gets an education – $100
• A desperate community has emergency relief – $100

Caritas Global Gifts are the perfect present for anyone that doesn’t really need anything. And let’s face it, that’s most of us.

“This really is the kind of Christmas gift which make a big difference to the lives of many people,” said Caritas Australia CEO Jack de Groot.

“We in the Catholic community know, as well as anyone, the importance of giving to those less fortunate than ourselves.

“Global Gifts have been designed by Caritas Australia to give the Catholic community of Australia a straightforward and creative way to do just that.”

Global Gifts can be accessed online, through an order form or over the phone.

“Caritas Australia wishes you all a joyful and spiritual Christmas that brings your families together. We can take this deeply religious time to pray God reaches the hearts of and minds of all our brothers and sisters as equals,” Mr de Groot said.
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