ACU academics showcase music and literature talents

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Archbishop of Brisbane Mark Coleridge and Dr Maeve Heaney VDMF.

The ACU Faculty of Theology and Philosophy recently hosted the joint book and CD launch of two members of the University’s teaching staff.

Dr Maeve Louise Heaney VDMF officially launched a CD collection of her music called ‘Break the Crystal Frame‘. In addition, Dr Terry Veling launched his new book entitled ‘For You Alone: Emmanuel Levinas and the Answerable Life’.

Archbishop of Brisbane Mark Coleridge officially launched the CD and book. Prof Neil Pembroke, University of Queensland, was also present at the launch.

“One of the things that struck me, as I listened to one and read the other, is that between the two works and in each of them, there are tensions, and they’re fascinating tensions to ponder,” Archbishop Coleridge said.

Referring to the tensions, he said: “The most obvious of them is male and female: Maeve is a woman, Terry’s a man, and there are masculine and feminine impulses at work in both of them, in fascinating and at times illusive ways.”

Archbishop Coleridge

Archbishop Coleridge

“They’re both highly polished works, and yet there is about them a humility… comparing it to the irony of the saint whose feast day the launch was celebrated on: Carlos Boorromeo, whose family was powerful but had the motto humilitas – both works have humility while at the same time being polished, and about which there is much to be proud.”

Archbishop Coleridge added there is a tension between simplicity and complexity. “They are both, seen from one angle, quite simple works, although the music is complex enough; and so too is the poetry, but it has about it a simplicity, but there is complexity – each of them is complex, and they are taken together. A combination of simplicity and complexity, found also in some of the magnificent quotations found in Terry’s book. It is a gold mine is relation to Jewish literature, which has always fascinated me.”

Author Dr Terry Veling

Author Dr Terry Veling

“Both the book and the CD are in one sense more a question than a statement. And that’s part of why they’re important and powerful,” he said.

“I have to say congratulations to the university, for giving two members of academic staff, the time, the space, and I hope the encouragement to produce works that are not necessarily conventional academic productions, but are thoroughly worthy productions for a university that is Australian and Catholic.”

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