Bishop Michael back at work

Bishop Michael Putney in his Townsville office

January 18th, 2013

In a message to the Diocese of Townsville, Bishop Michael has said that he is back home, feeling well enough and has been at work in the office today.

He will be meeting with a Medical Oncologist on Monday to sort out some kind of treatment plan.

Bishop Michael said “I have been overwhelmed, humbled by, and filled with gratitude for the support I have been given, and by the prayers that people are offering me.”

“I pray each day in turn for each of you, for the diocese and for all among us suffering from cancer” he said.

Bishop Michael went on by saying that he was unaware of what the future holds and was happy to leave it in Gods hands. “If I am given a miracle, in answer to everyone’s prayers, I will be grateful. It not, I will also be grateful because I still know I am loved by God” he concluded.