Catholic Earthcare celebrates ten years

Media Release, 9 May, 2012

Today marks a special anniversary for the Catholic Church. Ten years ago at the Australian Catholic Bishops’ Conference plenary meeting in May 2002, a new agency was born with an extraordinary purpose for humanity to undergo an ecological conversion. This call for ecological conversion was proclaimed by Pope John Paul II in 2001 and it inspired an unprecedented move by the Australian Catholic Bishops’.

One decade on and Catholic Earthcare Australia’s Director Mrs Jacqui Remond looks back to recount the major achievements as being “three pastoral statements on key issues including The Great Barrier Reef, The Murray Darling Basin, and Climate Change, the handbook, ‘On Holy Ground’ and the sustainability initiative, ‘ASSISI’ including two programs ‘Animators for Sustainability’ and ‘Creation and Reconciliation’ that are for people to bring about strategic and system-wide change to embed sustainability across their whole organisation”.

Fr Denis Edwards new book, ‘Jesus and the Natural World’ will be launched by Archbishop Philip Wilson. Mrs Remond said,” The theology that Fr Denis Edwards offers is a significant gift for us to come to understand more fully that we are called to integrate the depth of our faith with the vastness of God’s created and unfolding universe. With Jesus and the Holy Spirit we are invited to continue opening up a mindful and compassionate relationship with all of God’s Creation.”

Celebrations begin at Mary Mackillop Chapel, North Sydney at 5.30pm this evening with a thanksgiving mass as part of the Australian Catholic Bishops’ Conference Plenary. Dinner at ‘The Living Room’ on Blues rd, North Sydney, will follow at 7pm. A new animation called, “Pure Gift” will be launched at the dinner. All are welcome to the mass and if you would like to join us for dinner please contact Catholic Earthcare Australia on 02 8920 0719.

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Catholic Earthcare Australia is an agency of the Australian Catholic Bishops’ Conference