International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples


“We must ensure the participation of indigenous peoples – women and men – in decision-making at all levels. This includes discussions on accelerating action towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals and defining the post-2015 development agenda” – UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

Media Release from NATSICC, 9 August 2013

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The International Day of the World’s Indigenous People (9 August) was first proclaimed by the General Assembly in December 1994, to be celebrated every year during the first International Decade of the World’s Indigenous People (1995 – 2004).

This year’s theme resonates strongly as we strive for Constitutional Recognition in this country. NATSICC has long echoed UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s call for the participation of Indigenous people in making decisions that directly impact on the lives of our people. It is about giving people the opportunity to control their future and that of their children. Catholic social teaching calls for trust to be placed on the least centralised body (ie. the local community) to make decisions, resulting in more relevant and targeted outcomes. The principle builds self determination and leadership within these communities.

It is on days like today that we should think about the Stronger Futures Legislation in the Northern Territory and its impact on our brothers and sisters living through it.

As the Federal Election looms, we ask our leaders to reflect on today and heed the calls of the UN for developing protocols that develop policy that results from deep consultation with Indigenous people and takes into account culture and identity.