Message from the Holy Father on the Bushfires

Vatican Coat of armsFrom the Vatican, 19 October, 2013

His Holiness Pope Francis has asked me to express his concern for the people of New South Wales and all who are affected the devastation wrought by the extensive fires in the region.

He prays especially for those who have died and for those who have lost their homes and workplaces, as well as for the numerous personnel working to combat the fires and provide comfort and care for those who are suffering.

Invoking the spiritual gifts of solidarity and perseverance upon the communities touched by these trying events, the Holy Father sends his blessing.

+Archbishop Pietro Parolin, Secretary of State

1 thought on “Message from the Holy Father on the Bushfires

  1. Nola Viney

    I give credit to the official and community organisation fighting the bush fires in NSW. It is a tremendous ‘war’ against nature. However I would like to reiterate what my broad acre farming friends say: ‘There is only One with the power to control the elements and we need to recognise this and make our appeal in our thousands to send rain rather than strong winds and heat. Meanwhile we offer what each of us can to overcome this. Also we listen to what our experts in these areas have been saying for most of my life and do not expect to defeat nature with our wants and arrogance and pressures on politicians and local governments to give in to our short-sighted ideas.

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