Nationwide Month of Prayer and Fasting for Marriage and Families

bigstock-happy-family-having-fun-on-flo-13104605-web1_200A national month of prayer and fasting for marriage and families will be initiated in October 2016 by the Australian Catholic Marriage and Family Council.

‘The month of prayer and fasting is intended to be held in parishes across Australia during October 2016 as the nation prepares for a conversation on marriage,’ Bishop Michael Kennedy, the Bishops Delegate for Marriage and Family, said.

‘I encourage you to support your parish community to celebrate Mass, pray the Rosary and undertake Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament during this time with the special intention of marriages and families in mind.’

The Australian Catholic Marriage and Family Council have created a prayer resource to assist parishes during the month of prayer and fasting.

‘The resource includes prayers for people who are same-sex attracted or gender questioning and their families,’ Bishop Kennedy said. 

The Council is calling for prayers from all parishioners: individuals, families, couples at Mass or in the home, individual or community prayer.

Primarily the resources are intended as prayer themes at Mass for the specified Sundays. Parish priests may wish to use these as a focus to inform the liturgy on those dates. 

In terms of fasting during the month, the Australian Catholic Marriage and Family Council does not prescribe what form this may take. Parish priests may wish to determine appropriate suggestions to reflect the parish’s traditions.

A copy of the resource can be downloaded from the ACMFC website or by emailing,

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Australian Catholic Marriage and Family Council