Pastoral Challenges of the Family | Extraordinary Synod 2014

Synod image Pope Francis has invited Catholics around the world to reflect carefully, and to consider issues around the pastoral challenges of the family. This call includes a survey which invites Catholics to formulate a response to questions on the pastoral challenges of the family in the context of evangelisation. This is being done as part of the preparation for an Extraordinary Synod in October 2014.

This is an important opportunity to share your thoughts and suggestions on issues facing the family. The Holy Father has opened up an important dialogue about key issues that Catholics around the world face.

Among the questions and issues that the survey (entitled the Lineamenta on the ACBC website) includes are the following:

The Church’s teaching on family
The family in the context of evangelisation
Relationship between the family and person
Other challenges of today
Pastoral care in difficult marital situations
Same-sex unions
Education of children in irregular marriages
Openness to Children

The document and questions are available on the front page of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference website, however, the responses will be collated at a Diocesan level.

Visit your local Diocesan website, or contact the office of the Bishop for more information.