Pastoral Research Office eNews, information from Census results

Parish attendees

In 2012, the Pastoral Research Office of the Catholic Church in Australia began to send out an eNews which would give Australians an opportunity to understand better some of the findings from the census.

This eNewsletter can be subscribed to via the website, however, we have also provided as part of the mediablog some samples.

Please feel free to distribute this bulletin as you wish.Samples are downloadable as PDFs at the following links:

  1. E- News Bulletin 1
  2. ACBC PRO E- News Bulletin 2
  3. ACBC PRO E- News Bulletin 3
  4. News Bulletin 5
  5. News Bulletin 6
  6. News Bulletin 7

Previous editions of the E-News are now available from the Pastoral Research Office website: .