Prayers for Child Protection Sunday, 2012

You asked that
the little children
be allowed to come to you;

for it is such as these that
the Reign of God belongs.
You entrust them
to the care and protection
of our communities of faith.

Guide us
as we strive to ensure
that our Catholic communities
provide a safe environment
for each child.

We pray especially for all those
who have been harmed
in their childhood.
Give them courage
in facing the past
and lead them
to your healing protection.





In this Year of Grace let us present our prayers to a loving and compassionate God, as we work together to create a safe environment and proclaim our determination to protect young people and to stop child abuse wherever it occurs.


  • May he continue to lead all in the Church to strive for peace and justice and that all may witness the love and compassion of Christ.
  • Lord hear us.
  • 2.    FOR THE ADULTS IN SOCIETY May adults in all countries treasure and respect the vulnerable and strive to provide a society which is safe and enriching for all children and young people. Lord hear us.
  • 3.    FOR ALL IN POSITIONS OF LEADERSHIP May all in positions of leadership in our church prove themselves worthy of trust and act in the best interest of those with whom they come in contact especially children, young people and the vulnerable. Lord hear us.
  • 4.    FOR ALL FAMILIES IN AUSTRALIA May our families grow stronger in their love for one another and may all children be raised in safe and nurturing environments. Lord hear us.
  • 5.    FOR ALL WHO SUFFERED ABUSE May children, young people and adults who have been victims of abuse wherever it occurred be believed when they report abuse, come to realise that it is not their fault and find healing and hope through the care and support of all of us. Lord hear us.
  • 6.     FOR THOSE WHO HAVE ABUSED OTHERS May those who have abused others understand the harm they have caused, seek to redress the harm their abuse has caused and seek the support necessary to change this way of behaving. Lord hear us.

Loving God, hear our prayers, spoken and unspoken.  Grant to us the gift of hope and give us a genuine compassion for all.  May we be mindful always of providing a safe environment for children, young people and the vulnerable in our communities.