Pure Gift resource from Catholic Earthcare – a legacy of hope

Image of PureGift Resource

Pure Gift promotional video clip

‘Pure Gift’ is Catholic Earthcare Australia’s new resource for adults and senior secondary students. The core of this resource package is an animation of a legacy letter written by Luke Edwards to his three young sons. Luke Edwards has developed a range of prayerful exercises and contemplative reflections based on themes contained within the animated clip.

The ‘Pure Gift’ resource has a flexible design and offers a selection of options for the user within each theme.

The ‘Pure Gift’ resource package is a growing series.   As additional resources are developed, these will be added to the resource package.Material is intended to assist the user in the growth and understanding of their emerging ecological consciousness. It is hoped that these exercises might provide moments of insight and transformation to stimulate and sustain the movement for ecological conversion at a personal and communal level.

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