Remembering Darfur: Caritas Australia photo gallery

Photo by Caritas Australia

Remembering Darfur Photo Gallery

“Darfur is seemingly a forgotten crisis. But we must not forget the ongoing suffering of so many Darfuris; they still need our support.”Jack de Groot, CEO, Caritas Australia.

This year marks ten years of war in Sudan’s Darfur region.

Since 2004 Caritas Australia and our international partners have been helping Darfuris in refugee camps, providing clean water, nutrition, health services, education and skills training.

To mark our tenth year in Darfur, we have released a photo gallery with images of our work and the people we have helped with your support.

Ten years on, Darfur has become one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises. We must not forget the Darfuris; they still need our prayers and support.

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