St Mark – A Crucified and Risen Messiah eConference website now LIVE!

Mark eConference

THE Official Website for the next Broken Bay Institute eConference is now live!

You can now register for the St Mark – A Crucified and Risen Messiah eConference which takes place in 3 weeks time.

Follow the link and click on the REGISTER button.

We strongly encourage you to both REGISTER your site or your individual participation as we often receive enquiries from people that would love to participate with others, it also enables us to keep you informed with information as it comes to hand as well as TEST your equipment that you intend to use on the day, this can be done simply by viewing the Welcome Message.


1. Go to the website: The Official Website for Mark- A Crucified and Risen Messiah.

2. On the day of the event – Thursday, 16 May 2013 Sessions will be posted online at varying times during the day according to the program. Keep in mind time-differences across Australia and throughout the world. These Sessions will appear in the Right Hand Side section of the website that is titled: Video Selection and Session Times. The Session will go live about 5 minutes before the due time to start, allowing you to get ready.
All you need to do is Click on the yellow LAUNCH button for the Session you wish to view. It may take a few seconds to Load. Throughout the day you may wish to click on your ‘refresh’ button for your browser.
If something should go wrong – don’t worry. These Sessions will remain archived when they finish live, and can be returned to at any time to suit your individual requirements.

3. If you have any difficulties there are links at the bottom of the page that may assist.

4. There are also Facilitator Questions and suggested readings to assist in making this event a wonderful experience. Even if you are doing this on your own – have a look through any resource material to enrich your learning.

5. If difficulties persist and you still require assistance, please make contact through or Rhonda Andersen on (02) 9847 0726

6. We welcome your FEEDBACK

On behalf of The Broken Bay Institute and he Australian Catholic Bishop’s Conference Commission for Mission and Faith Formation we really hope you enjoy this wonderful initiative.