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New publication to help enlighten a diverse Catholic health and aged care workforce

Jack de Groot

Jack de Groot

Many of my colleagues in leadership and governance roles in Catholic health and aged care come from a variety of religious traditions or none. Even among the Catholics, only some are active participants in faith practice these days, and certainly many have profound questions.

So put yourself into these shoes: Imagine having only the most general understanding of Catholicism and being tasked with providing leadership consistent with the mission and values of a Catholic health or aged care provider, leading in ways that extend the healing ministry of Jesus. And it’s also been made clear to you that as a leader you cannot just defer to the Mission Leader to communicate and nurture the organisation’s mission. For many people that’s a big ask, and resources to help answer the challenge won’t readily spring to mind.

So imagine this new role you’ve taken is in a local aged care home run by a Catholic organisation. You notice something about the facility that feels warm and welcoming; you like the values they talk about, but you don’t necessarily understand where the “religious” aspect fits in. Continue reading