Truth, Justice and Healing Council CEO meets Bunbury people and Bishop

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Truth, Justice and Healing Council Logo

Mr Francis Sullivan, CEO of the Truth Justice and Council, has met with the Bishop of Bunbury, Gerard Holohan and local priests to discuss the Royal Commission into Child sexual abuse.

Mr Sullivan said last week’s meeting had been overwhelmingly positive and all involved understood the importance of the Royal Commission to victims and to the Church.

“We talked about the process the Council is going through to collect important documents from dioceses and congregation for the Commission,” Mr Sullivan said.

“We also talked about the way in which parish priests are responding to their congregations at a pastoral level and the importance of providing clear information to parishioners with a focus on the changes that have taken place over the past 20 years.

“Everyone I met said this Royal Commission is an historic opportunity for the truth to be told and for healing and reconciliation,” Mr Sullivan said.

Bishop Holohan said the meetings provided valuable information about the Royal Commission and the role of the Truth Justice and Healing Council.

“As we go through the Royal Commission hearings it will be painful for victims,” Bishop Holohan said.

“Past hurts will be reopened, painful memories stirred and stresses will lead to pressures on marriages, family lives and other relationships.

“I ask all Catholics in our Diocese to pray each day from now on for victims of sexual abuse. Pray that they be given strength and guidance, as well as healing and comfort,” Bishop Holohan said.

The Truth Justice and Healing Council has been established by the Catholic Church to help the Church response to the Royal Commission into the Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

Its role is to oversee the Church’s engagement with the Commission, to develop new policies to protect young people and to ensure the Church responds to any future complaints appropriately with justice, putting the needs of victims first.

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