Truth Justice and Healing Council information flyers to all dioceses and congregations

TJHC flyer

TJHC flyer

Media Release, 22 October 2013

The Truth Justice and Healing Council has distributed more than 70,000 information flyers to dioceses and other church organisations around Australia.

The flyers outline the work and role of the Council in particular how it will be engaging with the Royal Commission and its role as an advisory group to Catholic Church leadership on the many issues around child sexual abuse.

The flyers will be distributed to parishes from diocesan offices and should be in churches vestibules before December 9, 2013 when Towards Healing becomes the focus of Commission hearings for two weeks.

CEO of the TJHC, Francis Sullivan said the flyers are an important part of the Council’s communications with the Catholic community.

“The flyers provide a very clear snap shot of what the Council is doing and how, as a Church, we are approaching the Royal Commission,” he said.

“The Council has for the past ten months been working with parish priests, religious orders, church agencies and Church leaders to provide as much information as possible to the Catholic community about the Royal Commission.

“This is a difficult and challenging time for everyone particularly victims of clerical abuse as they tell their story.

“It is also difficult for the faithful and for people who work in the Church such as priests, religious, professionals, teachers, carers and volunteers many who are confused and upset.”

More than 10 different versions of the flyers have been produced including different quotes from local bishops and congregational leaders about sexual abuse within the Church.

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