Truth, Justice and Healing Council Launches Website

Truth, Justice and Healing Council Logo

Truth, Justice and Healing Council Logo

Media Release, 16 May, 2013

A new website designed to provide information on the way the Catholic Church will approach its engagement with the Royal Commission into institutional responses to child sexual abuse has been launched today.

Members of the Truth, Justice and Healing Council

Members of the Truth, Justice and Healing Council

The website provides material from the Truth Justice and Healing Council, which has been established by the Catholic Church to help the Church response to the Royal Commission, on how it will operate and the work it will do.

Mr Francis Sullivan, CEO of the Truth Justice and Council, said the site would be a valuable resource for both the Catholic and broader community that will be regularly updated with new information.

“This site is unique in that it brings together a range of material from both the Catholic Church and secular community,” Mr Sullivan said.

“The site provides information on how the Council is engaging with the Royal Commission, information from the Commission itself, support services for victims and survivors, coverage both from the secular and Catholic media and information from the Catholic community including church leaders and critics.

“Through the site we will also engage the Catholic and wider Australian community as we initiate research into best proactive procedure, policies and structures to protect children in the future and promote lasting healing for survivors.

“The site will also have full social media capacity, including a regular blog,” Mr Sullivan said.

Mr Sullivan said the Council will do everything possible to ensure the Church co-operates with the Commission in a spirit of openness, transparency and compassion.

“The Royal Commission is an opportunity for the Church to explain the way it has treated victims and survivors, to acknowledge past wrongs and failings and to find ways in which to work towards justice and healing.

“Importantly, it is an opportunity for victims and survivors of sexual abuse to come forward and be heard in an environment of support and safety.”

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