Vatican II: An Event of Grace – eConference Wednesday 10 October


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Grace That Speaks to Our Times

‘Vatican II: An Event of Grace,’ brings together two notable concepts in an e-Conference: Vatican II and the Year of Grace.

This e-Conference is brought to you by The Broken Bay Institute in partnership with The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference.

Delivered on the fiftieth anniversary of the opening of the first session of Vatican II, this one day live conference will be streamed across the world using internet and television technology and will celebrate the Year of Grace.

“To read the signs of the times,” said Pope John XXIII, quoting Jesus, is at the heart of understanding the contemporary social movements that were transforming the world in the 20th Century. The Second Vatican Council embraced this notion.


“Our perspective in this Year of Grace is to see the Council in the light of the Catholic tradition and questions that have arisen since” says Bishop Michael Putney, who will be joined by Sister Maryanne Confoy RSC, Jill Gowdie and Paul Power in presenting this year’s e-Conference.


“Fifty years after Vatican II, its call for spiritual renewal and evangelisation, ecumenism and adaptation are still being assimilated.”


‘Vatican II: An Event of Grace’ explores the Council’s Christ-centred mission in our world and how its rich legacy imbues every aspect of the Church today. 





You can now register for the Vatican II – An Event of Grace eConference that takes place in 6 weeks time.