Walking through the holy door of mercy

Church doorCelebrating the Holy Year of Mercy, a new media initiative has been established to assist pilgrims entering the holy door of mercy in their diocese.

Produced by a Vatican-based organisation, Catholic Bytes, Misericordia Media offers media to pilgrims approaching any Mercy Door worldwide, and to help pilgrims to come to a better understanding of mercy, the faith, and the Church.

With this goal in mind, Misericordia Media has produced a 7 minute audio-guide and 10 minute video available at misericordia.media. The material is approved by the Pontifical Council for the Promotion for the New Evangelisation.

The seven-minute audio reflection prepares pilgrims to walk through the holy door in the closest parish or Cathedral. The audio includes a historical background on jubilees and a reflection on mercy, utilising the words of the Holy Father in Miseriordiae Vultus and Scripture. The audio guide stresses the importance of conversion and extending the mercy that one has received to others.

The ten-minute video is made for the purpose of evangelisation and education, and is a response to a call for greater ministry to the millions of people visiting Rome this year. It features St. Peter’s Basilica and is specifically made for pilgrims visiting the Basilica. The video strives to deepen pilgrims’ faith in Jesus Christ through their pilgrimage to St. Peter’s.

The mission of Misericordia Media is to facilitate the faithful during this Jubilee of Mercy to encounter the infinite mercy of the Father, through an audio guide and video. Both projects are offered in English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, German, and Polish.

Source :
ACBC Communications