Wisdom at the Gate colloquium for Australian Catholic Women to be held in August

wisdom at the gate colloquium

wisdom at the gate colloquium

Media Release
June 20, 2013

The Council for Australian Catholic Women (CACW) has announced its inaugural colloquium for Australian Catholic women which will take place on Friday and Saturday 16-17 August at Mary MacKillop Place in North Sydney.

Wisdom at the Gate: Radiant and Unfolding is a colloquium facilitated by the CACW which aims to gather, connect and re-energise those who are responding to the issues of women’s participation in the Catholic Church within their local context.

Director of the Office for the Participation of Women (OPW) Donella Johnston is working with the CACW to organise this colloquium, and hopes that the collaborative effort will bear fruits that will last.

“The colloquium is an invitation for women to gather and dream; to be all they can be; to re-imagine the potential of what is possible within their own context; and to distil the wisdom that women carry and nurture within their lives and our church”, she said.

The colloquium is open to all women of faith who are interested in dreaming together and sharing wisdom, and is particularly aimed at those working in a Church context, whether in voluntary or paid capacities.

The colloquium will feature keynote addresses by Amanda MacKenzie and Lynette Riley, and will be facilitated by Andrea Dean of the OPW.

Workshops led by religious and lay women will take place over the two days and will cover themes including art, prayer and indigenous spirituality. A workshop on St Mary of the Cross MacKillop, as well as open spaces for sharing and reflection are also included in the program.

“The CACW’s vision for this colloquium is to celebrate the ways that women in our Australian Church share wisdom, seek wisdom and live wisdom by providing opportunities for those gathered to pray together, learn together, share together and dream together”, said Ms. Johnston.

The full cost of the 2-day colloquium (including Friday night dinner) is $408. Single day packages are available.

Registration and program details can be viewed at wisdomatthegate.org.au.

For media enquiries please contact Beth Doherty on 0407 081 256 or media@catholic.org.au