Australia’s largest Catholic magazine to provide in-depth coverage of the Year of Mercy in 2016

Year of Mercy poster

Year of Mercy poster

‘The Year of Mercy is a vital moment in the life of the Catholic Church’ – Australian Catholics editor Michael McVeigh.

Australia’s largest Catholic publication, Australian Catholics magazine, is publishing a series of five special editions next year to help Catholic schools and parishes journey with Pope Francis through the Year of Mercy.

‘We wanted to provide communities with a way to bring the Year of Mercy home to families – to help deepen people’s understanding of the concept, and see how it can invigorate their life and faith’, said Australian Catholics editor, Michael McVeigh.

McVeigh said while Australian Catholics has covered many different themes in the past, this is the first time the magazine has devoted an entire year to a single topic.

‘The Synod on the Family showed just how important it is to engage families in the life of the Church, and we believe the Year of Mercy is an opportunity to bring faith to life for families’, said McVeigh.

The series will begin with an edition focusing of our own personal experiences of mercy through the sacrament of reconciliation, and will continue with editions exploring mercy in relationships, social justice and the Catholic Church, as well as a special youth edition.

‘We want to introduce families to what mercy means – in their own relationship with God, as well as their relationship to each other and their relationship with creation.’

The national magazine, which is published by Jesuit Communications, is well placed to provide a deeper insight into the style and message of Pope Francis.

‘Like Pope Francis, we’re inspired by the Jesuit tradition to seek a faith that does justice. The Year of Mercy provides us with a great opportunity to spend the entire year walking alongside him in his ministry, and sharing in his focus of making us a more merciful, welcoming Church.’

In addition to the special Year of Mercy stories and features in the magazine, resources will be provided to teachers and faith formation educators through the associated Faith and life e-newsletter each week.

Information about the special editions of Australian Catholics will be distributed to schools and parishes around the country in December. Communities will also be invited to join in the Pope’s prayer intentions through a new Apostleship of Prayer booklet, also available through Jesuit Communications.

Catholic schools and parishes can find out how to subscribe to Australian Catholics magazine, and access the online resources, at