Butterfly founder to speak on digital trends Catholic Communications Congress 2015

John Anderton, Butterfly

In 2006, John Anderton founded Butterfly, a creative digital agency in a Melbourne apartment. Butterfly prides itself on good old fashioned values and service, and long term relationships with clients.

The company develops web solutions for medium to large companies, including a large number of not-for-profit organisations, and assists them in creating beautiful digital assets to improve their communications.

“I find solutions for clients using our fantastic team of web designers and developers”,  John told the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference.

John will be one of the keynote speakers at the Australian Catholic Communications Congress which will bring together around 200 professionals from around Australia to discuss the topic “What is our voice?

John will speak about the latest digital trends, and show examples of what works well for Catholic organisations.

“Digital is a space which evolves very rapidly, and it is led by design. Is your organisation using the latest online communication techniques?”

“We will go through trends in web design, app creation, digital solutions that work, and look at others which don’t work so well.”

“Then we will talk about the emerging topics, not just in design, but looking at how organisations are using websites as a tool to communicate with their constituents.”

John has assisted a number of Church agencies in building creative web solutions, and he says that there are lots of opportunities that church organisations could take better advantage of.

“Traditionally a lot of church organisations are quite conservative about using digital technology, but the different solutions available can be really valuable. They are quite cost effective to communicate with groups of people. I would encourage Church organisations to take a more progressive view when it comes to this area.

Butterfly also work in the ever-expanding area of app development, and he sees that this can be useful for some organisations, but not all.

“A lot of organisations feel that they need to have an app simply to tick a box that they have one. There are more than 1.4 million apps in Google Play and a similar amount in Apple’s app store. Why would users download your app? What is the purpose? Is there real demand? Could you test your offering with a mobile website first?”

“Church websites in America are often the best examples of web design. However, in Australia this is traditionally not the case, with websites for Church agencies left to volunteers or being an after thought. Australian users have adopted technologies such as smart phones very quickly, more so than many other countries, yet church organisations are not using these tools as well as they can.”

On social media engagement, John encourages church organisations to take a strategic approach, and make use of people in their organisation or target audience who are really passionate about using social media.

He says that when the same message are simply pushed out through websites, PR and social media, it does not generate engagement or results.

“Some people in an organisation really embrace social media. My advice would be to let them drive the organisation’s strategy. This way, it will emerge in a far more organic and natural way and they will do a much better job.”

In his presentation at the Congress, John Anderton will spend around 45 minutes unpacking the theme of digital trends and encourage participants to discern what their organisation might do.

“I want to have a look at what the latest design trends are. It’s good to see where things are going. I want to really get people in the church focusing on the user experience and to think deeply about it. We will also look at digital assets, and the latest online marketing tools, basically to help organisations make the best use of what they have.”

For more information about the communications congress, go to www.whatisourvoice.org.au or contact Aoife Connors on 0450 348 597 or media@catholic.org.au