‘Christ our Joy’ Year of Youth Image Unveiled

The official image for the Year of Youth will be unveiled at the Australian Catholic Youth Festival in Sydney today.

The Catholic Bishops Year of Youth was launched in local communities around Australia on the first Sunday of Advent, Sunday, December 3, 2017 and the national launch is taking place with the Australian Catholic Youth Festival in Sydney from December 7-9.

The Year of Youth image is titled Christ our Joy and was painted by artist, Amunda Gorey in Alice Springs.

The image, which will be central to the celebration and prayerful discernment of local Australian communities throughout the Year of Youth, will be unveiled at the Youth Festival. The image is titled Christ our Joy and was painted by artist, Amunda Gorey in Alice Springs.

“The image tells the story of young people in the current landscape of our Australian Church as they journey toward Christ.  It is a story of rich diversity and great joy,” said Malcolm Hart, Director of the Australian Catholic Bishop Conference’s Office for Youth.

Ms Gorey was identified by the Australian Catholic Youth Council for her use of vibrant colour which depicts youthfulness and the joy that is central to the spiritual focus of the Year of Youth. Her previous work has also shown a depth of spirituality that is authentic to our Australian tradition.

Christ our Joy is rich in symbolism, tradition and meaning. It depicts the diversity of young people through the use of varied colour, shaped and sized dots. Some are gathered in communities, others more isolated. Some are closer to God or the cross, others further away. The central figures are Jesus and Mary against a cross. They point to the Resurrection as the source of our Joy. Jesus extends a hand toward his mother Mary, and with her to the Church; with his other hand he points them all to his Father-God.

“Everyone will see, feel and sense the painting differently. Each is valued as our stories and experiences are different,” Ms Gorey said.

Christ our Joy will be available in the chapel throughout the Australian Catholic Youth Festival for personal prayer and reflection on how we can open new horizons for spreading joy in this Year of Youth. It is hoped that all communities of faith will find inspiration in this image as they respond to the invitation to a Year of Youth.

For more information on the Year of Youth please visit: www.youth.catholic.org.au/year-of-youth

Media Contact: Malcolm Hart 0419 951 417.