Easter message

Archbishop Hart

Archbishop Hart

Dear Friends,

In these days we remember how Jesus, our God, lived like one of us and died. Now comes the startling and remarkable news that he is risen from the dead.

Easter is the triumph of life over death, of good over evil, of hope over despair. It underlines for us that each person has special gifts and qualities, which Jesus came to redeem so that we could achieve our full destiny.

The hope that Easter brings is a challenge to each of us to see what contribution we can make to family and society and how reflection on the ultimate purpose of human existence is important. Our human life is a body and spirit; though the body may grow sick and die, the human spirit is imperishable and is destined for greatness and for eternal life.

As I wish each of you the blessings and peace of Easter, may we all live in the hope of what we can become and how our gifts can reach out to others, comfort them and help us to walk with them.

What we are able to do will in large measure be the catalyst of building up or tearing down the society; a people for whom Jesus lived and died and wishes to lead to new life. May the peace of Easter be with you always.

+ Denis J. Hart
President Australian Catholic Bishops Conference

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