Government’s new family payments proposal still means low income families worse off

Women using calculatorThe Government’s revised family payments legislation still means many low income families face significant cuts to their income.

Social Security Minister Christian Porter today introduced a new family payments bill into the Parliament, which would mean single income couple families lose Family Tax Benefit Part B (FTB B) when their youngest child turns 13, instead of the earlier proposal to cut benefits at 6 years.

“The new family payments legislation means fewer families will be affected, but still means the income of single breadwinner families with the youngest child aged 13 years or older would be worse off by more than $54 a week,” said Marcelle Mogg, Chief Executive of Catholic Social Services Australia.

“It is not in the interests of Australian families or the Australian economy to expect low income families to do the heavy lifting when it comes to economic reform.

“FTB B helps parents make an effective choice as to how they will balance work and family responsibilities. The proposed legislation would place economic pressure on couple parent families to abandon plans to have one of them stay at home to care for their children. It would press sole parents to work more hours to make ends meet.”


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Catholic Social Services Australia

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