Life-giving gifts from Catholic Mission

Catholic Mission Christmas Gifts

Imagine giving a truly meaningful gift to your friends and family this Christmas, knowing that you were also reaching out to those who truly need it.

This year you can make your gifts special by choosing from a range of fifteen Catholic Mission Life-Giving Gifts starting from as little as $7. Your donation will be used to support projects around the world that help improve the lives of children and communities in need, and support the training of church leaders in developing countries.

In choosing a Life-Giving Gift this Christmas, you will have the opportunity to either send an e-card, thus reaching your loved ones who are distant, or you can receive a printed card at your own address, with the card portraying a photo of the gifts that you have selected.

During this blessed season, give a gift that represents Christ’s love for all! Simply click here to view Catholic Mission’s Life-Giving Gifts.

Thank you for your generous support and we look forward to receiving your Christmas gift order.

The Catholic Mission team