NCEC Media Statement – Australia Education Bill, 2012


“The legislation introduced into Parliament yesterday by the Prime Minister charts an ambitious course for school reform”, said Mrs Therese Temby, Chair of the National Catholic Education Commission (NCEC).

“Catholic schools are already engaged in many effective programs of continuous improvement, as envisaged by the Prime Minister’s National Plan for School Improvement”, she said.

“NCEC urges the government to announce the details of its precise school funding proposals for 2014 and beyond as soon as possible.

“The legislation promises much, and demands much of schools and school systems.

“But meeting the cost of implementing the significant changes foreshadowed by the Prime Minister will be a major challenge for all school sectors” said Mrs Temby.

“NCEC will continue to work constructively with the government to develop the policy and funding details the Prime Minister said will be progressively added to this Bill early next year”, said Mrs Temby.

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