Mass for You at Home

Mass for You at Home

Mass for You at Home

Going to Mass is an essential pillar of our faith. After all, it’s the command of God. The Third Commandment reads: “Remember to keep holy the Sabbath day” (Exodus 20:8).

But when someone is ill, frail, elderly or isolated by circumstance or distance, or simply based in a remote parish where the priest can only visit once every couple of months, there are some alternative ways to listen to and watch daily Mass. 

While nothing can replace going to Mass and being physically present in the Church, many people can pray with the words of the readings, hearing the gospel message and watching the celebration of the Eucharist on television or online. As a result, the Catholic Church in Australia offers “virtual” Mass every day, available to anyone with a computer or a television screen.

Mass for You at Home, supported by the Archdiocese of Melbourne and Church Resources through CathNews, has been broadcasting for more than 44 years.

The show’s basic premise is to allow viewers to participate in a Sunday Mass from their homes. It is viewed by thousands of people across Australia every Sunday and this Mass is repeated on the Aurora Channel on Foxtel during the week.

Letters to the service indicate that most of the viewers are those who are isolated from the usual parish celebration: through age, distance, illness or imprisonment. Further information about Mass for You at Home can be viewed on the official website:

Mass is also streamed live from Our Lady of the Rosary Cathedral, Waitara, at 9.30am each day with Adoration and Benediction on Saturdays following 9.30am Mass. Viewers can access this service here:

And for those who would like to have access to Mass every day, there is a Mass on Demand service from Church Resources through the CathNews YouTube platform here. This is the first Mass of the Day at St Mary’s Church in North Sydney. It is uploaded at the end of the Mass, and is available for 24 hours until it is replaced with the new Mass of the day.

Nursing homes and hospitals regularly use this service. If you need advice about the low cost technology or the equipment needed to access Mass on Demand, please contact Daniel Popovic at Church Resources,, for more information.

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By Christine Hogan, CathNews