Official Song for Catholic Youth Festival Announced

James Edwards Promo ShotA Melbourne-based youth minister James Edwards has won a national songwriting competition with his official theme song for the inaugural Australian Catholic Youth Festival (ACYF).

The song is called “Your Spirit” and focuses on the theme of the ACYF which is “The Spirit of the Lord is Upon Me” from Luke’s Gospel. You can listen to the song here:

Your Spirit – James Edwards

You breathe life into everyone,
We all sing Your praise.
You give us sight and You set us free,
Empowered to proclaim,
You are everything.

Your spirit falls,
Your spirit falls upon us all.

You were sent, the anointed one,
The words are all made known,
We hear Your voice, You call our names,
To share in Your good news,
And Your glory.

Your spirit falls,
Your spirit falls upon us all.

Send us, send us,
Spirit send us. x3
Spirit of the Lord

Your spirit falls,
Your spirit falls upon us all.
Your spirit falls,
Your spirit falls,
Your spirit falls,
Your spirit falls upon us all.

Music has always been an important part of James Edwards’ life. He began playing at young age, picking up the clarinet and saxophone at the tender age of eight.

During his highschool years, James started playing the guitar and developed a love of songwriting.
Performing in various bands, James then went on to study music at the Monash University Conservatorium where he got the opportunity to study abroad with some acclaimed international artists.

In 2008, James got involved with Oblate Youth Australia during the pre-WYD Oblate Gathering. Through this experience, James development a passion for youth ministry, going on to help co-ordinate the youth ministry aspect of Oblate Youth Australia.

In early 2013, James started a partnership with Oblate Youth Australia, where together, they are producing an album of Catholic based music. These songs are aimed at bringing young people closer to the church and helping them actively engage in the faith. James is a keen believer that good music is built upon honestly, passion and a unique sound, and these qualities shine through in his song-writing from beginning to end.

James is thrilled that his song has been chosen as the theme song for what will be Australia’s largest Catholic youth gathering since WYD2008.

“It’s still sinking in that my song was chosen! especially knowing that lots of other people entered their music”, he said.

“It’s a really unifying song I think. The idea is that it would have the ability to bring people together.”

“Music is a real tool to be able to do that, and that people can express their faith through song.”

James performed a song at the recent Australian Gathering in Rio for WYD. He is in the process of finalising his CD which will also be for sale at the Festival.

Senior Youth Ministry Projects Officer Malcolm Hart is one of the main driving forces behind the Festival and is very touched by the simple lyrics and unifying elements in James’ theme song “Your Spirit”

“I think that its simplicity, and the way it resonates in your heart will provide a great atmosphere and a great message to those young people who will attend the Festival.”

“I believe the song captures all those elements which the organising committee sought in a song; a strong sense of the theme and appeal to young people.”

“It is a great contribution to Catholic music in Australia from an upcoming Catholic artist.”

For more information about Oblate Youth Ministry or James’ work, you can visit his Facebook Page

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