Religion: Catalyst for Violence or Peace?

eConference Flyer Image_croppedOn Tuesday 23 June, The Broken Bay Institute, in partnership with the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference will kick off its 11th National eConference – ‘Religion: Catalyst for Violence or Peace? Probing the Abrahamic Traditions for Answers’.

The 2015 eConference will tap into interfaith issues surrounding the three Abrahamic traditions: Christianity, Judaism and Islam and will explore the potential for these traditions to cultivate peace in a world that associates religion with violence. As one of the most anticipated events in the Australian Church calendar, this will make a significant contribution to this most critical need in our world at this time.

Pope Francis has impressed upon the world the great need for inter-religious dialogue, healing and unity earlier this year during his papal visit to South Asia where he met with members of Sri Lanka’s Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim and Christian communities.

Dr Gerard Goldman, CEO of The Broken Bay Institute said “We live in a time when some people have come to consider religion as a cause of division rather than a force for unity. As Pope Francis recently said “for interreligious dialogue and encounter to be effective, it must be grounded in a full and forthright presentation of our respective convictions.” It is through such courageous dialogue as this eConference that “new avenues will be opened for mutual esteem, cooperation and indeed friendship.” I am delighted to bring together outstanding four international and Australian speakers to discuss this important topic.”

If you would like more information about the 2015 eConference, please visit or contact Amelia Morris on or 9847 0578.

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