Remembering Bishop Mulkearns

The late Bishop Mulkearns

The late Bishop Mulkearns

On Monday 11 April, the funeral of Bishop Ronald Mulkearns, retired Bishop of Ballarat, took place at a local nursing home in Ballarat.

During this time, members of the Catholic community gathered for prayer and reflection in different parts of the Ballarat Diocese.

The death of Bishop Mulkearns from cancer has given rise to different responses from those who remember him as their bishop and to those who remember him for his failings in dealing with perpetrators of child sexual abuse.

As with all Catholic funerals, the funeral of Bishop Mulkearns was a time of prayer for the deceased, asking for God’s mercy, remembering his life. The chief celebrant was Archbishop Francis Carroll.

In a letter to the clergy and lay faithful of the diocese, Bishop of Ballarat, Paul Bird, said, ‘We are painfully aware of the criticisms of Bishop Mulkearns for his failings. At the same time, we recall the good he did. His friends will be sad that the good has generally been forgotten. As one of those friends wrote in the Ballarat Courier on Friday [8 April]: “He is not famous for the many things he did well; only for the one thing he did badly”.’

Bishop Bird explained that ‘His family remembers a devoted brother and uncle. His friends recall a shy man who liked to share quiet times. Over the past few days a number of people have spoken to me of his kindness. And this was not only people from the diocese of Ballarat’.

‘I thank those who have contacted me over this past week with their reflection following the death of Bishop Mulkearns. There are reasons for gratitude as we recall the good that he did.’

‘May he rest in peace.’

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