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Typhoon Washi fallout escalates, Caritas Australia opens appeal for Philippines

Photo by Bobby Timonera

Media Release
December 19, 2011

With the death toll rising dramatically to 652, more than 50,000 displaced and over 800 people still missing, aid and development agency, Caritas Australia, has requested urgent public support from Australians to deal with the large-scale emergency response needed in the Philippines. Continue reading

Myanmar families the silent victims in Thai floods

Media Release – Caritas Australia

9 November, 2011

Millions of families in Myanmar are the hidden face of Thailand’s flood devastation, confronted with financial ruin as relentless waters cripple the Thai economy.

Large numbers of Myanmar’s impoverished population rely heavily on so-called “remittances” _ money sent back from bordering nations like Thailand by loved ones working illegally, often in the construction industry. Continue reading

Deadly floods strike Central America


For immediate release: October 19, 2011

Torrential rains have hit Central America hard, causing deadly floods in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras, Caritas Australia reports.

Caritas Australia Latin America Program Coordinator, Margaret Fyfe, said 12 out of 14 regions have been severely affected by the downpour, with over 13,000 people forced to flee the rising waters.
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