The Beauty and Blessing of Marriage The sacrament of marriage is a great act of faith and love: a witness to the courage to believe in the beauty of the creative act of God and to live that love beyond ourselves. The following stories sourced from Catholic publications around Australia look at the richness, beauty and nature of this sacrament. More stories will be added over coming weeks.


The Southern Cross (Adelaide)

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Wise Counsellors – 50 years married
“Beryl says the secret to their success has been commitment and allowing each partner to pursue their own interests.”
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50 years married SX April 2011



Love at First Sight
He had “lovely eyes” and she “stood out” from the crowd.
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Anniversaries SX October 2013 page 8

Catholic Outlook  (Parramatta)
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“Individuals, and families who dare to hope, dare to be open to the joy and mystery of life, and who open their lives to others who do the same.”

Blacktown is enjoying a Baby Boom
“I think it’s a constant reminder of how God’s church continues to stay alive and the Faith continues, Jill said. “Families are also reminded that this is a celebration of God’s hope, love and faith for us all – gifts they are giving to their babies.”


The Catholic Leader (Brisbane)
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The Marriage Debate with Peter Pellicaan Parts I and II
“I urge Catholics firstly to engage in the marriage debate with truth and love, and secondly to understand that we are not debating equality or love, we are debating whether the definition of marriage should change.”

Couples celebrating 50, 60 years of marriage say laughter, communication, and ‘trial and error’ all secrets to lifelong happiness

..She said being married into the Church made their marriage stronger.
“Being Catholic, and married into the Catholic Church, you do make vows ‘for better or for worse’, and it does get worse, but it also does get better,” Barbara said.
“The Catholic faith was the motivation to keep me going.”


The Catholic Weekly (Sydney)

Is marriage just an expression, or something more?
“Marriage is taking quite a beating right now. Many people are muddled about what marriage is, have lost confidence in its achievability, or have given up even trying.”


The Record (Archdiocese of Perth)
Untitled design (11)Sixty years of marriage: The importance of having Christ at the centre
“I don’t think it’s easy to explain to the present generation of young people but the virtues of patience, understanding and love from when I was married are still relevant today, and it is God who is the only source.”


Power of prayer key to a happy marriage for Sid and Marie Gasper
“It’s prayer that held us together – I have great faith in that, and our 65 years together I always put down to the Sacred Heart,” Mrs Gasper said.

Love and Commitment Shines at Annual Marriage Mass
“Some of you are celebrating particular anniversaries and all of you have come here to celebrate your marriages and the wonderful gift that the Lord has given to us all. In our opening hymn, we are summoned out to seek first the kingdom of God, and at the heart of every Christian marriage is this search for the kingdom of God, particularly in the day-to-day reality of your lives.” – Archbishop Tim Costelloe

Taking the good with the bad, key to a happy marriage
Family had been a great source of joy.


Broken Bay Diocese

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Fatherhood – Five ways to be the “Hero” your children want you to be.
“Starting with No.1: Know that your most important job in life is your family…..”


Engaging the Moral Issues of our Time – Prt 1
“We have so much to celebrate in our world. We also have much to confront…”


NZ Catholic

Untitled design (10)Teen Romance Still Strong After 70 Years
“Nearly every day I think of how blessed we are and I thank the Lord in my prayers.”