World Meeting of Families will span the globe

The Abdallahs from western Sydney are among the Australian families who will attend the World Meeting of Families in Rome.

Dioceses around the country are organising a range of local events to participate in the 10th World Meeting of Families next month.

Held from June 22-26, the World Meeting of Families will take place in dioceses across the globe for the first time, after being postponed for a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The theme for the event is “Family love: A vocation and a path to holiness”.

The World Meeting of Families seeks to highlight family love as a vocation and as a way of holiness, to understand and share the profound and sanctifying meaning of family relationships in daily life.

The Life, Marriage and Family Network, which includes representatives from several dioceses, communities and organisations, has prepared a range of materials to assist individuals, parishes, dioceses, communities and family groups to participate in the World Meeting of Families.

“The Network has produced 10 video presentations which explore the themes of the World Meeting of Families’ seven catecheses, for use at local events or individually,” said Francine Pirola, a member of the Life, Marriage and Family Network.

“Speakers from around the country have shared some engaging and inspirational reflections, which we hope will encourage and affirm everyone – parents, grandparents, spouses, children, siblings, uncles and aunties.”

Bishop Delegate for Marriage and Family Life, Bishop Richard Umbers, said the international event would allow Catholics to reflect upon the importance of family life in sustaining the Church.

“The World Meeting of Families is an opportunity to celebrate and reverence the foundational role of the family in society and witness to the beauty of family life,” he said.

“As the cornerstone of society, the family needs to be promoted and supported to best live out God’s vision for marriage and family life.

“This event presents a special occasion of prayer and worship offered for the support, healing and fortification of families and pro-family values.”

Since the first World Meeting of Families in 1994, the event has been held every three years in different locations around the world.

Twenty-two Australian delegates, including six children, will travel to Rome to participate in this year’s event, which will be led by Pope Francis.

The delegates include representatives from the Archdiocese of Sydney, the Diocese of Wollongong, the Archdiocese of Melbourne, the Chaldean Diocese of St Thomas the Apostle, the Melkite Catholic Eparchy of Australia and New Zealand and the Maronite Diocese of Australia.

Parishes, groups, communities and individuals are encouraged to make use of the Life, Marriage and Family Network’s promotional resources, which includes a poster, flyer, social media content and a parish bulletin notice. Suggested program schedules for one-, two- and three-day events are also available, as well as guidelines for hosting a local event.

For more information and to view the promotional resources, videos, hosting guidelines and a list of local events planned for dioceses, visit